Interpretive Trail Signage

The Jordan River Foundation Board has identified as its current priority securing funding for Interpretive Signage to enhance conservation literacy and cultural awareness amongst visitors to the Jordan River Parkway.

The Parkway boasts a multiple-use trail that follows the Jordan River for forty-five, nearly-continuous miles. Presently, just a handful of interpretive signs are posted along the trail. The signage on trail locations offers stories and information designed to stimulate trail visitors, challenge their imaginations, and present new perspectives on familiar topics. Through the use of interpretive signs, the trail will present themes that enable visitors to understand more clearly the messages of natural and cultural history and leave visitors with a sense of place.

The Jordan River Foundation Board, in consultation with its partners, has identified twelve locations along the Parkway in Salt Lake County that would be ideal sites for the addition of signs. These sites were identified for reasons of their historic or cultural significance, environmental significance, ecological significance, and in many cases for a combination of reasons.

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